The first step in calibrating the sensors consists in decoupling the monopoles of each sensor (pair of monopoles) taken individually, and at the same time equalising the responses of the sensors in the entire network of sensors.

The second stage involves calibrating the sensors by determining their transfer functions (converting the measured voltage into an incident E-field).

The calculation of the decoupling and equalisation coefficients for the sensor responses is based on measurements of the S21 transmission parameters between the calibration source and the sensor under test.

The VNA is calibrated in two ports and referenced to the SMA plane of the calibration source and to the SMA plane of the output of the vertical cards. The SMA plane of the CVs is therefore the reference plane for the field measured by the sensors. The S21 measurements quantify the ratio between the RF voltage incident at the SMA input of the calibration antenna and the voltage transmitted at the SMA output of the VCS vertical cards.

By exposing the sensors to the same E-field, with polarisation considered to be pure linear, it is possible to compensate for coupling between the monopoles of the same sensor, and to equalise the responses of all the elements in the sensor network.

SCAL calibration

SVAL validation

The objective of system validation is to verify that the SAR measurement system will not give erroneous results for the measurement of the DUT. This is achieved by testing a sufficiently large set of well-characterised antennas having target values with a minimum uncertainty that encompasses the range of field distributions and signal types encountered with currently available mobile communications devices.

The SAR measurement system is acceptable if the results of the validation measurements comply with the specified criteria

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ISO 17025

ISO/IEC 17025 specifies the general terms and their definitions relating to conformity assessment, including:
- the accreditation of conformity assessment bodies,
- the use of conformity assessment to facilitate trade.

The standard ISO/IEC 17025 defines accreditation as an "Attestation issued by a third party related to a conformity assessment body conveying formal recognition of its competence to carry out specific conformity assessment tasks".

This translates as a second level inspection carried out on laboratories, inspection bodies and certification bodies in order to certify their competence to perform calibrations, tests or inspections or to certify products, systems or personnel.


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