SAR Measurement duration (seconds)

Full Mobile phone certification Measurement time (Hours)

Vector probes embedded in ART-MAN

Most precise Fast SAR system

Free SAR measurement datasheet

View our complete datasheet of SAR measurement solutions online using DocSend, and feel free to share the link with colleagues or researchers.

With the FCC recently signaling their desire to fully-incorporate probe-array SAR measurement technology into the KDB system and recent benchmark studies showing that they are as effective as traditional methods, now is a good time to get up-to-date on this technology.
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ART-Fi launches precision 300 GHz compact range

Characterization of OTA performance is a major challenge as wireless communications move towards higher frequency ranges.

ART-Fi's compact range features the latest in precision roll-edge reflectors and supports frequency ranges up to 300 GHz, making it ideal for 5G wireless antenna performance assessments, mmWave testing, RCS, and more.

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ART-Fi produces a complete range of SAR measurement solutions based on protected, 100% vector technologies.
  • Accurate SAR assessments in only a few seconds.
  • The ONLY solutions to capture both the phase and amplitude of the field.
  • The ONLY solution with Integrated spectral analysis.
  • Completely hands-free SAR measurement via the SARborg automated DUT positioner.
  • First solution to integrate directly with Qualcomm chipsets.
  • ART-BODY for large devices is designed for small cells, picocells, femtocells, tablets and laptops.
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ART-Fi raised € 2,3 million to speed up its 5G developments.

ART-Fi raised € 2,3 million to speed up its 5G developments.

ART-Fi lève 2,3 millions d'euros pour soutenir ses développements sur la 5G

ART-Fi lève 2,3 millions d'euros pour soutenir ses développements sur la 5G


Download presentation of Mehdi RAMDANI & Richelieu QUOI @ TCB Council, april 2019



ART-Fi provides an array of first-class engineering services.
  • Antenna design, selection, & modification
  • 3D electromagnetics computations
  • Antenna & radar sales & development
  • Wireless product compliance
  • Online & on-site trainings
  • Material characterization
  • Tissue-simulating liquid formulation & fabrication
  • Formulation verification (SAR measurement norms)
  • SAR & exposure assessments
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About ART-Fi

ART-Fi provides solutions to accelerate wireless regulatory compliance across development, pre-compliance testing, and certification using innovative electromagnetic field measurement technologies.

ART-Fi also offers professional services for antenna design, development, and 3D-EM simulation.

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