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5G to generate unprecedented SAR test volume


Human exposure to electromagnetic fields tests and measurements industry (SAR) is strongly influenced by wireless telecommunication standards evolutions. The industry is already struggling to answer the explosion of the unprecedented amount of tests required by the 5G technologies.

For Human RF exposure (SAR) 5G will multiply by at least height the amount of required SAR tests. This makes 5G the most demanding technology ever for SAR testing. The 5G unprecedented amount of tests is linked with the ever increasing complexity of devices. Mobile phones, IoT products are embedding today more and more sophisticated technical innovations: multi-emissions scenarii, new frequency bands, wide-band signals and more complex modulations schemes. Autonomous softwares of wireless devices are also contributing to increase and to complexity the tests like never before.

 ART-Fi's D-Phase technology embedded ART-MAN provides unrivaled real-time measurement accuracy and real life condition testing to support the industry in this high demanding challenge period.

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