Power Monitoring Kit for SAR system validation

Our SAR system validation solution

The PMK is built as an all-in-one, steady-state solution.

  • Greatly improved repeatability and precision
  • No moving parts and fewer equipment breakdowns
  • Optimized for automation and streamlined processes save days on validation
  • All-in-one solution > huge cost reduction
  • Reduce the need for training > save time & costs
sar system validation

Technical features and benefits

Technical benefits

The PMK features technologies usually found in more expensive equipment at an affordable price. The ability to measure the S11 parameter for dipoles and antennas while continuously monitoring their linear behaviour differentiates the PMK from other systems.

  • Zero moving parts
  • Good amplifier gain
  • Low SNR
  • Automation and fewer connections improves consistency and repeatability
  • S11 parameter measurement and outstanding software control
  • Integrated power meter DAkkS Calibrated to meet IEEE/IEC/FCC SAR requirements
  • Best-in-class with the highest precision and accuracy
  • Save time spent on dealing with RF inconsistency or workarounds
  • Optional: built in synthesizer output power source if required
  • Future-proof for advanced evolving technologies and processes, all-in-one power monitoring system
sar measurement

We also offer dipoles

Extremely accurate and 100% compliant dipoles developed and manufactured by IMST GmbH to the highest standards in the industry. >> View the slides >>

Who benefits from the ART-Fi PMK validation solution?

Labs & Certification Organizations

Test labs have a daily requirement to ensure SAR measurements are highly accurate. SAR systems must be vigorously checked to ensure the measuring accuracy meets the system manufacturer uncertainty budget.

Verification or validation should be performed in the following circumstances:

  • When a system is newly installed
  • When a software is updated
  • Before a SAR test is performed on a specific frequency band
  • When the system moves location
  • When the operating ambient temperature drift is more than 2 degrees

Mobile manufacturers

Manufacturers using SAR systems for pre-compliance testing or R&D testing are encouraged to perform verifications of their SAR systems to have meaningful data.

Where in the past, such checks might have been laborious due to setup, repeatability issues and cost, ART-Fi PMK makes it easy to keep their equipment in top shape.

Legacy SAR validation systems are complex

For many years now, SAR system validation has been seen as a necessary evil and a hindrance to test lab performance. This is in part due to complex systems that often failed.
legacy sar validation
test lab

Our PMK validates automatically with only three connectors

The ART-Fi PMK is an all-in-one solution that requires only three connections to perform automatic, highly precise validations and verifications. The lack of moving parts also leads to improved durability and fewer bugs, faults, and workarounds.


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