RF Vector Measurement-Based System (RF-VMBS)


Advanced SAR measurement

 ART-MAN 2©  is a RF Vector Measurement Based System (RF-VMBS). Designed with D-PHASE® - the first and only technology able to measure in real emission conditions - the ART-MAN 2© provides live and precise SAR* measurements of wireless devices.

* Specific Absorption Rate, Human RF exposure

ART-MAN 2© the first and only RF Vector Measurement-Based System designed for SAR measurement

Supported networks


Standard compliant


ART-MAN© Essential is compliant with the most advanced SAR standard: the IEC/IEEE 62209-3: 2019

About ART-MAN 2©

ART-MAN 2©  is a Radio Frequency Vector Measurement based System (RF-VMBS). The system is composed of a complete Radio Frequency receiver based on a double channel superheterodyne architecture. This enables to measure wireless devices' multiple frequencies in real conditions emission modes. This unique technology directly accesses to magnitude, phase, frequency and time of any radio signal: the ART-MAN 2© is a real-time scanner exclusively relying on the laws of physics (Maxwell and Huygens). 

Manufactured in France, this new generation of SAR measurement system is designed by ART-Fi.

IEC 62209-3 Standard compliance

The IEC 62209-3 standard has been published in Q3 2019. This standard is composed of the more stringent procedure ever released in terms of validation tests requested to approve SAR measurement systems. It is the first performance oriented SAR measurement standard enabling modern measurement technology such as radio receiver supported by ART-Fi. Regulators are strongly involved in the IEC 62209-3 standard and support evolutions to improve measurement accuracy and efficiency. This advanced standard is central for 5G multiple frequencies in real emission mode conditions. 

ISO 17025 certified system

ART-Fi's calibration laboratory is officially ISO 17025 accredited by COFRAC (accreditation number 2-6545, scope available on The ISO 17025 calibration method is based on the IEC 62209-3 Standard.




High precision


Real-time measurement


Multiple frequencies emissions in real conditions


Advanced MIMO processing


Easy to use

Get precise 5G measurement instantaneously

Normative SAR test cases supported by ART-MAN 2


Instantaneaous and high precision SAR measurement

The aim of the ART-Fi RF Vector near-field scanner is to fully characterise the electromagnetic fields emitted by wireless devices - interpolation/extrapolation less - to maximise accuracy. This rigorous and comprehensive 2-D scan characterisation mandates to directly measure the magnitude, phase and time-frequency for getting access to 3-D absolute SAR measurement. 

ART-Fi offers the most complete scientific analysis possible by using D-PHASE® measurement technology inspired by multispectral retinal imaging. Based on this disruptive technology, ART-MAN 2©drastically improve SAR measurement processes combining speed, accuracy and ease of use.

Multiple frequencies in real emission modes conditions

New wireless devices such as 5G smartphones emit simultaneously on multiple frequencies that drastically challenge SAR measurement process.

The ART-MAN 2© addresses this issue enabling to measure the real 3GPP radio protocol for multiple frequencies emissions. Obviously wireless devices have to be measured in real condition of use and emissions to warranty that usage and testing conditions are perfectly aligned.

Advanced MIMO processing

As new 5G wireless devices emit simultaneously on multiple (N) antennas, it drastically challenges SAR measurement process. The ART-MAN 2© addresses this issue by simplifying the measurement process requiring N+1 measurements instead of N2  measurements.

Ease of use and ergonomic design

The ART-MAN 2©system is designed to simplify the global SAR measurement operations. It facilitates and improves the wireless device positioning, avoid fluids constraints (measurement, handling, storage, evaporation breathing, recycling... ). The patented design of the ART-MAN 2© is the result of users' feedbacks and ergonomics studies based on maximizing automation. The ART-MAN 2© is at human height, which greatly simplifies the handling of wireless devices.



SAR measurement

ART-MAN 2© is delivered with its software: SARLAB©



SARLAB© interface is highly automated to simply the SAR measurement process

Evolutive interface


SARLAB© is the dedicated ART-MAN 2© interface software driving SAR measurement. This user-friendly interface is structured around 4 main features:

Native features for multiple emissions

Measurement results and test conditions are easily accessible via a search bar and several filter options including device type, product model or manufacturer. ART-MAN 2© software provides a full 3-D graphical interface, with visualization of local and spatially averaged SAR. SARLAB© supports all complex combined emissions such as the most recent 5G nSA, with both narrow and wide band approach. The plateform also allows correlated signal measurement (MIMO) in real emission mode conditions.

Automation (Measurement & report)

SARLAB© interface has been optimized to offer seamless and time saving operations, providing automated measurement sequence (supporting all telecom standards) as well as customized report generation. The SARLAB© includes an automated DUT positioning feature, a base-station control simulator (channel sweeping, handover...), a report generator, an autopositioning device function (request ART-BORG© robot), and an auto quality check function

Advanced features

Based on its advanced technology, ART-MAN 2© combined with SARLAB© provides unique applications and metrix addressing advanced R&D need for SAR assessment including proximity sensors identification, time average SAR, DUT electromagnetic near-field phase imaging.



Exclusive Phase direct measurement


Superheterodyne RF Receiver


Fundamental electromagnetic wave characteristics


Physics laws (Maxwell & Huygens)


D-PHASE® is a disruptive measurement technology inspired by the multispectral retinal imaging

Patented innovation

D-PHASE® technology is mult patented, from hardware to algorithms

Disruptive technology

The D-PHASE® is the first and only measurement technology to measure all fundamental quantities involved in measuring electromagnetic signals (magnitude, phase, frequency and time). ART-Fi invested in this technology which applied to SAR allows to avoid any interpolation/extrapolation and non representatives artificial test modes of wireless devices. For maximizing accuracy, ART-Fi exclusively applies physics' laws and wireless devices real emission modes.

Exclusive phase measurement

The phase of the electromagnetic field is essential for high precision measurement. It allows that the total field can be retrieved using solely physics’ laws without any approximations. This disruptive near-field technology natively generates real-time and precise measurement of antenna radiations. The D-PHASE© technology his future-proof for addressing today and tomorrow's key measurement challenges due to rapid and strong innovations in the wireless industry.

The simple principle is to avoid any mechanical movement of the probes: a fixed array made of several hundreds of probes immersed RF Vector probes in a wide band fluid integrated into sealed phantoms. The electronically real-time scan of the probes and combined with a vector spectrum analyzer for direct phase acquisition on radiofrequency signals (time-domain/superheterodyne).

D-PHASE® for 5G

For 5G mobile phones, the recent publication of the IEC 62209-3 standard recognizes the ART-Fi technology. This illustrates the industry needs for having sophisticated measurement technologies for SAR testing.



electromagnetic radiation measurement

ART-MAN 2© is a metrological innovation providing absolute SAR measurement

ART-MAN 2© is a RF vectorial near-field scanner coupled with a full Vector network analysis which directly access to the phase and to the full RF spectrum of wireless devices signals.

D-PHASE© offers major benefits for reducing drastically the uncertainty budget.

Wideband operations

The Device Under Test (DUT) can operate at any frequency within the 0.6 - 6 GHz range, using any signal access (FDD, TDD), any modulations (QPSK, xQAM...) and multiple emissions (5G nSA ...).

Advanced scanning

285 ART-Fi patented RF Vector probes are embedded in each left and right head sealed phantoms filled with wideband IEC/FCC compliant material. The sealed body phantom section contains 390 RF Vector probes immersed in IEC/FCC wideband body tissue-simulating fluid.

Multiplexing & downconversion

High-speed radiofrequency multiplexer allows a full probe-array scan in less than 30ms. The scan time depends on probe integration, optimized for each signal type and modulation. Two RF output signals are systematically monitored for E-field phase assessment and downconverted using superheterodyne reception technique.

A/D conversion & signal processing

Downconverted signals are sampled at 250 MSPS with a 16-bit digitization. FPGA circuits perform on-the-fly computations of vector FFTs used for evaluating the amplitude and phase of the measured voltages. Signal processing includes: application of calibration coefficients for retrieving E-field data from measured voltages, volumic field reconstruction based on inverse boundary-value techniques and peak spatial-average 1g/10g SAR calculation.




√ Human height sized
√ Comfort in use (automation)
√ Simple DUT positioning process
√ Precise DUT positioning process



√ Fluids restocking free
√ Fluids storage free
√ Fluids recycling free
√ Dry hermetically sealed phantoms

Safe to use


√ Protection mask free
√ Protection glasses free
√ Ventilation system free


  • Expanded uncertainty (95% confidence interval k=2): ≤ 30%

  • Operating frequency range: 0.6 – 6 GHz

  • Left and right heads: 285 RF Vector probes / phantom

  • Body phantom: 390 RF Vector probes

  • Analysis bandwidth: up to 100 MHz

  • System I/O: Gigabit Ethernet interface

  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 140 x 90 x 62 cm

  • Weight: 145 kg


  • Body phantom dimensions: 300 x 231 mm ellipse

  • Head phantoms: compliant with left & right SAM (Specific Anthropomorphic Mannequin) in accordance with IEC 62209-3 standard

  • 570 E-Field probes per head phantom (285 dual polarized probes)

  • 780 E-Field probes per body phantom section (390 dual polarized probes)

  • Human tissue dielectric parameters compliant with the IEC 62209-3 standard

Probe array

  • All phantoms shapes, shell thickness & dielectric parameters compliant with the IEC 62209-3 standard.

Signal acquisition

  • Characteristic impedance: 50 Ohm

  • Multiplexing characteristics: 64-channel to 2-channel multiplexer Switch Technology : GaAS pHEMT

  • Downconverter: 2-channel

  • Synchronous RF receiver superheterodyne architecture

  • Slicable 40 MHz IF filters bandwidth

  • Analog to digital conversion: 16 bits, 250 MS/s digitizer

  • Synchronized acquisition on signal bursts

  • Maximum scan rate (RF Vector probe array): 1 FFT performed on 1024 samples

Digital processing

  • Operating system: ART-MAN© OS
  • FPGA processors: 2 X Xilinx Virtex - 500 MHz max clock speed
  • FFT: 2-channel 16-bit 1024 samples
  • Signal averaging / probe integration: specified for each
  • modulation and signal type – typ. 32 cycles/RF Vector probe
  • Peak spatial-average SAR calculation algorithms compliant with IEC 62209-3 standard



ART-MAN 2 system


SARLAB software


ART-BORG robot (option)


ART-PMS (option)


Features (option)


Accessories (option)


High precision solution for Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) testing & measurement. SAR measurement solutions. Manufactured in France. Precise SAR testing services.  SAR Testing for IEC and FCC | SAR Compliance Testing. ART-Fi provides solutions to accelerate wireless regulatory compliance across development, pre-compliance testing, and certification using innovative electromagnetic field measurement technologies. ART-Fi also offers professional services for antenna design, development, and 3D-EM simulation. All ART-MAN systems are manufactured in France. Solutions de mesures de haute précision du débit d'absorption spécifique (DAS).  

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