Streamline SAR testing of Qualcomm chipset-based devices using dynamic antenna tuners
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Streamline SAR testing of Qualcomm chipset-based devices using dynamic antenna tuners

With our new Tuner Control Qualcomm integration, you can now streamline and roboticize SAR testing and compliance for Qualcomm Dynamic Antenna tuners.

Dynamic antenna matching tuners such as Qualcomm’s TruSignal Antenna Boost solve the problem of mobile phone radiated performance when physical objects (such as hand, head, table, USB) interact with the antenna. TruSignal Antenna Boost results in  better reception, longer battery life and fewer dropped calls. Slimmer phones, metal casings, and challenging OTA requirements all make antenna tuning a key technology for the future of mobile phone design.

Advanced tuners can provide more than 100 states per band and communication system combination, resulting in the addition of several thousand SAR measurements to demonstrate compliance. ART-Fi is now launching an innovative solution that facilitates compliance demonstration of products using this technology.

Tuner Control by ART-Fi loops through the tuner scenarios sequentially, making it painless to take measurements in different tuner states. When used in combination with the robotic DUT positioner called the SARborg, compliance testing can be completed hands-free.

“You can now run a total assessment of several thousands of SAR tests of a dynamically tuned phone completely hands-free in a couple of days. A legacy robot system would take a year to do the same job. Tuner Control, in combination with the ART-MAN SAR measurement system, ensures that the compliance industry is ready to deal with the expected increase of dynamically tuned phones. The FCC already accepts ART-MAN test results for dynamic antenna tuner states,” said Benoit Derat, CEO of ART-Fi.


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