ANFR chooses ART-Fi and creates a new SAR measurement laboratory with ART-MAN system
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ANFR chooses ART-Fi and creates a new SAR measurement laboratory with ART-MAN system

5G: France and ANFR strengthen the market surveillance process

Gilles Bregant, ANFR's CEO has welcome the French Minister of telecommunications. He has detailed the ANFR strategy for the next two years and has explained the importance of acquiring ART-MAN SAR measurement system to better understand 5G terminals. As 5G smartphones are more sophisticated than the former generations, the SAR test methods have to evolve as well.

ANFR will be able to contribute at the European level by sharing its studies results and skillsets. ANFR will carry out experimental tests to strength the market surveillance process. The French Minister mentioned that in 2021, the amount of devices controlled by the ANFR will double, increasing from 70 in 2020 to 140 phones in 2021.



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