What is IEC 62209-3 standard?
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What is IEC 62209-3 standard?



About the IEC 62209-3

The IEC 62209-3 standard is officially published since September 2019 and is the most recent and advanced SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) measurement standard. It covers in a single standard all local SAR measurement types such as left and right head sides, body and limb. 
It is the first performance-based SAR measurement standard and is not limited to one specific SAR measurement technology only. Noticeably, IEC 62209-3 standard supports a very advanced SAR measurement method based on radio frequency and vector antenna array receiver, also called RF Vector Measurement Based Probe Array System.

This is the first measurement procedure standard allowing the use of Vector Measurement-based systems for full SAR compliance on both hand-held and body-mounted devices.

The IEC 62209-3 standard has been drafted within the IEC/TC106 expert group constituted by 26 participating national committees regarding this topic. This standard aims to drastically reduce the measurement time to assess the SAR conformance of wireless devices during the full compliance certification process. It takes unprecedented benefits of direct vector-field and radio-frequency measurement technology. Using analytical approaches that only rely on physics, such as Maxwell’s equations, makes this IEC 62209-3 standard the most advanced, accurate and easy to use methodology to assess SAR measurements challenges. This is especially crucial and inevitable for complex signals, such as LTE-Advanced, and 5G because of the multiple emissions1 as well as the drastically wider bandwidths of signals.

Like every standard developed for full compliance testing, IEC 62209-3 standard specifies system-validation procedure and requirements a measurement system shall meet on absolute reference antenna sources and associated test validation conditions.

An advantage of the IEC 62209-3 standard is that the diversity and the quantity of absolute reference antenna and tests validation conditions are much more numerous than in IEC 62209-1/-2. This makes the IEC 62209-3 standard the most robust and demanding standard existing today in term of SAR test equipment validation. In other words, never before such quantity and demanding SAR test equipment validation data has been accessible.

Because IEC 62209-3 standard is introducing both fast-scanning probe arrays and highly demanding requirements, the aim of this standard, which is to offer to the industry the most complete and robust full compliance SAR standard with high accuracy and speed, is now reached.

SAR: Specific Absorption Rate

1. Carrier aggregation in LTE-Advanced, multiple transmitters



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