ART-Fi introduces the new IEC 62209-3 standard to the industry

Mobile maker, regulator, network operator, R&D department, test lab, notified body: the industry gave ART-Fi a positive feedback to the IEC 62209-3 standard publication and great expectations for the future in terms of systematic SAR testing in production, latest regulation trends, case studies... .
SAR best practice



SAR Market definition and background

Speaker: Stéphane pannetrat, CEO, ART-Fi

Stephane Pannetrat, CEO, ART-Fi presented an holistic view on electromagnetic waves (EMW) measurement. Presentation has enlightened that today’s SAR measurement is an exception in the industry by using exclusively “RMS detectors” (Magnitude integration with diodes) and has pinpointed today and tomorrow’s limits associated with this technology.


SAR technology & scientific background


Speaker: Lyazid Aberbour, PhD & Chief Scientific Director, ART-Fi

 Lyazid Aberbour exposed the evolution of communication technologies and the challenges in SAR certification. He also presented the State-of-the-Art of SAR Compliance-Testing Technologies and made a focus into the vector technology.


Certification process: benefits of the IEC 622209-3 Standard


Speaker: Richelieu QUOI, Business developer, ART-Fi

Richelieu QUOI emphased a test laboraty into a SAR certfication process and detailed the multiple benefits the new IEC 62209-3 standard delivers.


New IEC standard 62209-3 overview

Speaker: Mehdi RAMDANI, Head of Standard & regulation, ART-Fi

Mehdi Ramdani listed the compliance of the 62209-3 standard and gave answers to common questions the industry has:

  • What are the SAR Best Practices to calibrate a vector-probes array system?
  • How to handle an uncertainty budget?
  • How to manage a system validation procedure?


The use of IEC 62209-3 for a quick market access

Speaker: André Van den Bosch, Graduated Certification Engineer, PHOENIX TESTLABS

André exposed the daily management of IEC standard for a Notified Body, and the use of IEC 62209-3 for a quick market access within the certification market


Risk assessement on SAR

Speaker: Holger Bentje, Head of Radio & Telecommunications Department, PHOENIX TESTLAB

Holger presented the risks assessments on SAR on the certification market for a Test laboratoy and a Notified Body.

ANFR presentation


Speaker: Jean-Pierre Luguern, Direction de la stratégie

Jean-Pierre Lugern presented the french regulator agency’s (ANFR) missions and roadmap for 2020. The presentation exposed the SAR results trends from 2012 to 2018 at body and head, the new IEC 62209-3 standard and the latest ANSES report impact on the Agency’s roadmap.


Case study on SAR testing in a R&D Lab


Sami Gabriel, Vodafone Distinguished Engineer, R&D - Future Technologies

Sami Gabriel presented a Case study on SAR testing in a R&D Lab based on his experience in Vodafone.


SAR test in production


Speaker: René Viguier, Head of Quality, Orange
René Viguier exposed a worldwide feedback on the multiple Test Laboratories and Suppliers audits after facing a SAR market recall in the French market.

Case Study: Systematic SAR testing in Production


Speaker: Xavier BRO, Chief Marketing Officer - ART-Fi
Bruno Pain, Développeur électronique - REMADE
Speaker: Nigel Wakeford, ingénieur électronique R&D

Xavier BRO presented with Bruno Pain and Nigel Wakeford the systematic test in production solution deployed at Remade facilities (Normandy, France). The case study has shown that each mobile phone is tested straight from the production-line and the benefits for the customers and REMADE to invets into quality in production.


SAR market
SAR technology
IEC standard
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About the seminar

Join us for an exclusive in-depth review of SAR* assessment methodology and requirements for regulatory acceptance.

The seminar'scope will include testing approaches of various SAR systems, standards assessment protocols and preparation for certification including requirements for equipment with demands for SAR compliance. The specific focus will be on the “Best Practise” for compliance and what you can do to ensure smooth route to certification.

ART-Fi & Phoenix TestLab will discuss the fundamentals requirement for good actions to improve the accuracy and ease of your certification process for product compliance.

The areas of focus will be European CE-Mark (NB), USA FCC (TCB), Canada (FCB).

(*) Specific Absorption Rate

Regulatory Compliance

Health & Safety for Radio Equipment:
  • USA - FCC

About ART-Fi


ART-Fi is the world leader in state-of-the-art ultra-fast vector array SAR scanning technology used for measuring human exposure to radio frequency fields wireless communication devices.


phoenix testlab

Phoenix TestLab is a leading Notified Bodies (NB) and testing laboratory in the EMC, Wireless, Safety and Environmental disciplines….


High precision solution for Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) testing & measurement. SAR measurement solutions. Manufactured in France. Precise SAR testing services.  SAR Testing for IEC and FCC | SAR Compliance Testing. ART-Fi provides solutions to accelerate wireless regulatory compliance across development, pre-compliance testing, and certification using innovative electromagnetic field measurement technologies. ART-Fi also offers professional services for antenna design, development, and 3D-EM simulation. All ART-MAN systems are manufactured in France. Solutions de mesures de haute précision du débit d'absorption spécifique (DAS).  

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