What is the purpose of the Duobody SAR Measurement System?

FCC and IEC Body SAR frameworks explained
FCC and IEC requirements for head phantoms are identical. However, requirements for Body SAR phantoms are different. No fluid handling is necessary with systems featuring fixed probe-array technology and broadband tissue simulating materials. This means that probe-array systems require separate phantoms to measure for both IEC and FCC requirements.
Compliant phantoms for both IEC standards and FCC regulations.
  • Two head phantoms, both compliant with IEC 62209-1 and FCC KDB 865664
  • Two body phantoms: one compliant with IEC 62209-2, the other with FCC KDB 865664
The Duobody features left and right head phantoms and FCC and IEC flat phantoms. Each phantom contains patented probe-array technology that takes absolute measurements of field phase and amplitude, and is filled with broadband, compliant tissue simulation material.
Who is a good fit for the Duobody SAR measurement system?
R&D departments can reduce the risk of non-compliance by testing to both IEC and FCC regulations. Any manufacturer that markets their phones globally and wants to stay ahead of compliance throughout the product development lifecycle stands to benefit from a Duobody Universal SAR unit.

Advantages of the Duobody system

  • At any stage of product development or compliance testing, ensure compliance with both the FCC and IEC.
  • Compatible with the SARborg attachment to automate and perform hundreds of tests completely hands-free.
  • Save money on the testing and improve your level of service.
  • Develop faster. Turnaround SAR benchmark tests quickly, and without specialized personnel.
  • Best-in-class with LTE, MIMO type antennas, and Dynamic Antenna Matching Tuners.


Phantom Specifications

Phantom100% Vector Probe-arrayTissue Simulating Material
Left SAM285 probesCompliant with IEC 62209 (-1/-2) and IEEE 1528 requirements
Right SAM285 probesCompliant with IEC 62209 (-1/-2) and IEEE 1528 requirements
FCC Flat Phantom390 probesMeets targets from OET Bulletin 65 Supplement C 01-01 within +/-10%
Compliant with KDB 865664 D01
IEC Flat Phantom390 probesCompliant with IEC 62209 (-1/-2) and IEEE 1528 requirements

Duobody Universal SAR datasheet

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