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Paris-Saclay - France, 2018-10-20

ART-Fi is proud to announce that the IEC CDV 62209-3 - Vector probe systems - Frequency range of 100 MHz to 6 GHz-has been approved. This new standard worn by ART-Fi enables now Mobile makers, test labs, regulators R&D departments to accurately test in real-time the SAR of their DUTs.

ART-Fi would like to thank all the IEC members for their warm support and also the Mobile and the IoT industries which are entering into a new era with this historical approval.


In a period of time where real-time information rules, SAR testing has finally caught up with technology. SAR testing and certification has never been so fast and easy for the industry: ART-Fi's innovative technology enables to speed up by a factor up to 100 the certification and testing of any mobile phone and IoT devices.

The ART-Fi technology based on Vector-Probes array allows to make a single measurement in real-time vs 30 to 45 minutes with single probes systems. For example, a full certification for a mobile phone takes now a few hours compared to several weeks with IEC 62209-1-2 systems.


Art-Fi designs innovative products and services to answer the customers’ needs in SAR test and measurement market. 
ART-Fi created the fast SAR segment in 2014 with the first SAR scanning system launching.
ART-Fi is a market leader in measurement precision, an RF and metrology center of excellence, a multi award winners in industrial innovation and a strong IEC contributor and is the IEC CDV 62209-3 initiator.






SAR : Spécifique Absorption Rate

DAS : débit d'absorption spécifique

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