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FCC to accept ART-MAN SAR measurements for Diversity Antennas
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FCC to accept ART-MAN SAR measurements for Diversity Antennas

At the TCBC meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, the FCC announced that SAR assessments produced by “array sensor SAR systems” will be accepted for test cases when applied to switched Diversity Antenna phones. Array sensor SAR systems include the ART-MAN by ART-Fi.

Diversity antenna refers to having more than one antenna in a single mobile device. The FCC ruling applies to multiple antennas in cases where they are not transmitting simultaneously and are fed by identical hardware. MIMO transmissions are not covered under the ruling.

The regulatory world is evolving when it comes to vector probe-array measurement systems, and this ruling is the latest example. ART-Fi is pleased that the FCC recognizes the need for solutions such as ART-MAN and is leading the charge to faster compliance testing. Accepting SAR data from ART-MAN and similar technologies for mobile phones using antenna tuners and antenna diversity is an excellent path forward.

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