Our flagship SAR measurement solution

ART-MAN revolutionized the SAR measurement industry as the first to offer instant and accurate SAR measurements. Since 2012, ART-MAN has become known as a reliable solution for years to come.


For small cells, tablets, and laptops

ART-BODY was introduced to meet the growing compliance needs of small cells, picocells, and femtocells, as well as large devices like laptops and tablets that are increasingly equipped with mobile technology.

RF Services & Consulting

Simulation and antenna design

ART-Fi possesses world-class knowledge in the fields of near field measurement and 3D-EM Simulation. Our staff assists global corporations world-wide to make better, more efficient projects.


Universal, instant SAR measurement

ART-Fi's 100% vector technology offers instant and accurate assessments. The DUO-BODY extends those benefits to both FCC and IEC body SAR requirements in a single machine.


First robotic DUT positioner

ART-Fi changed the industry when they introduced instant SAR measurements. Measurements that only take a few seconds unlocked the possibility of completely hands-free test sequences, which was launched as the SARborg in 2015.

RF Compliance Consulting & Seminars


ART-Fi has hundreds of years of combined experience in the field. In 2015, we launched our first series of seminars to educate and prepare compliance labs and manufacturers on the world of SAR regulations.

Working with ART-Fi

We'll take careful stock of your needs and then recommend the best solution fit for your business.

1 - Discover your needs

Before we discuss SAR measurement, we strive to learn about YOUR BUSINESS and discover if there is a solution fit.

2 - Differentiation

If there is a solution fit, we work to explain our technology and the science behind it. SAR measurement solutions are not as similar as you might expect, and our approach has proven to be both innovative and reliable.

Service & Support

Our customers mean everything to us, and the relationship does not end after sales. We provide high availability and training to ensure the uptime and proper usage of our solutions.

Contact ART-Fi

Meet the people that make our EMF instrumentation and measurement solutions possible.

About ART-Fi

High precision solution for Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) testing & measurement.
SAR measurement solution. Precise SAR testing services.
SAR Testing for IEC and FCC | SAR Compliance Testin

ART-Fi provides solutions to accelerate wireless regulatory compliance across development, pre-compliance testing, and certification using innovative electromagnetic field measurement technologies.

ART-Fi also offers professional services for antenna design, development, and 3D-EM simulation.

Solution de haute précision pour mesurer le débit d'absorption spécifique (DAS).

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